Wavesmining shares its mining rewards, and thanks to LPos (Leasing proof of stake) your funds never leave your wallet when leasing to a waves node.


Download Waves Desktop and create a wallet

Make sure you download the official client from wavesplatform.com


Buy Hold 1000+ waves inside your wallet:

Where to buy waves

You have 3 options:

  1. Buy waves in-wallet. After depositing bitcoin to your waves wallet, you can buy some waves on the integrated Wavesdex.
  2. Use a reputable exchange like Binance to and transfer waves to your existing wallet
  3. Buy waves with your credit card on Changelly


Copy the Wavesmining address: go to the leasing tab, paste the address and lease out. You are done! Enjoy your weekly profits—–


Go to the “Leasing” tab, that’s where you will be pasting the pool address:


Wavesmining pool is open only to 1000+ waves leasers.
We remind our users the decentralized nature of blockchain: you are responsible for the safety of your own tokens. Backup your seed, and never disclose it to anyone.

The Wavesmining pool rewards ratio can change overtime to find a balance between covering node operation, management costs and rewards distribution.
News about any upcoming change will be posted on our twitter, telegram.